Our Favorite Stuff

Post-Trip Update: We've added this little bit because everybody's always asking us "What was your favorite this?" or "Where was the best that?"  We figured putting this info up on our website would save us three or four hours of repetitious conversation per week!  A worthwhile investment.  So, here goes...

Our Most Adventurous Moments

    From shooting down raging rapids in southern Africa to watching the spectacle of Sumba's Pasola festival, we had some real adventurous moments over the past year.  These are a few of our most memorable adrenalized moments:


The World's Hippest Cities


Our Favorite Cities


Best Hiking Spots


"Way Out There" Spots - Get Away from it All!


Nicest Small Towns


Best Places to Eat!

One of the great pleasures of international travel is getting to sample the great food many countries produce.  We had a blast taste-testing our way through several countries.  Here are a few of our favorites:


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