We found a lot of these sites to be very useful in planning our world trip.  Check 'em out, they might be helpful to you, too.

World Travel Links

Round-the World Travel Guide  Great online resource -- a good place to start!
Lonely Planet Online                 The world-famous travel guides, on line.  Good site!
PlanetRider                               Excellent, well-organized travel site                                     Excite's guide to major cities, with country info, too                     A pretty basic site,  with some good external links

Round-the-World Airfare Links                           San Francisco-based travel agent specializing
                                                 in RTW tickets. We got our tickets here, and
                                                 we can't recommend them highly enough!
                                                 Courteous & knowledgeable agents, with
                                                 prices that can't be beat.  Check out their online
                                                 custom "TripBuilder" application.

Other World Traveler Homepage Links

Path Less Traveled                  An excellent site by David and Kelly from
                                                Chicago.  Many of the same places we
                                                are visiting.  Worth checking out!
Where is Evan?                        A rock climbing software engineer
                                                takes some time off to see the world.
                                                Funny, I used to work with this guy!
The Great Out There Tour      Really nicely done site from a '94-'95
                                                grand world tour taken by Sean Connolly
El Nino World Tour 1998         Interesting and humorous travelogue
                                                by a couple that visited 19 countries in
                                                14 months.

Travel Outfitting Companies

REI                                         This great recreational gear store has an
                                               excellent online store, too.  You name it,
                                            they got it -- top quality brands only.
L.L. Bean                                Great travel clothing at the right prices.
Ex Officio                                Okay, so they're a little pricey...but they
                                               do make the best travel clothing available.
Patagonia                              Their outerwear is hard to beat.
Travelsmith                            An expensive online store with some unique


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