Official Name: Arab Republic of Egypt
Religions: Sunni Muslim 90%, Coptic Christian
Capital: Cairo (population 14 million)
Per Capita GDP: $715
Language: Arabic (official), English, French
Currency: Egyptian Pound
(~3.4 pounds = $1.00 US)
Our Route:  We arrived in Cairo by air from Istanbul.   After a few days in Cairo checking out the world-famous museum and (of course) the Great Pyramids, we traveled south to Aswan by train. We saw some of the sights in Aswan (Aswan is a very beautiful area, right on the Nile), then took a two-night cruise down the nile to Luxor. In Luxor, we got to see see some of Egypt's other antiquities, including the Temple of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings.  From Luxor, we caught a flight to the fun-in-the-sun capital of the Sinai, Sharm al-Shiekh.  There, Mike went diving and we both went snorkeling, and we had a lot of fun after our hectic mainland tour. From Sharm, we zipped up the coast to Dahab, a very laid-back coastal town with great diving and nice people.  We flew back to Cairo from there. By then, we were more than ready to leave Egypt (although we would have been happy to have spent more time in the relaxing Sinai region). From Cairo, we flew directly south to Johannesburg.


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