Official Name: Kingdom of Spain
Religion: Predominantly Roman Catholic
Capital: Madrid (population 5 million)
Per Capita GDP: $14,500
Languages: Spanish (official), Catalan 17%, Galician 7%, Basque 2%
Currency: Spanish Peseta
(~171 pesetas = $1.00 US)
Our Route:  Spain was the second country in our journey.  We arrived in Algeciras, on the southern coast near Cadiz, on a ferry from Morocco. We immediately hightailed it to Sevilla, the romantic old capital of the Andalucia province, where we spent 4 days. From Sevilla, we bused it first to Granada and then Cordobo before moving north to the wonderful, vibrant capital of Madrid. We spent 5 days in Madrid and had a hard time tearing ourselves away from this lively city before catching a train to the northeastern Basque city of San Sebastian, on the Bay of Biscay very near to France. After 5 rainy days in San Sebastian, we took a long overnight train to Barcelona, Spain's stylish city in the southeast. We were forced out of Barcelona after only one night there because there were no hotel rooms available (yes, it's true!), so we went up the coast to the resort town of Palamos, near the French border on the Costa Brava, for 3 days. We returned to Barcelona for 3 more days before flying on to our next destination, the Czech Republic.

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