Official Name: Kingdom of Thailand
Religion: Buddhist 95%, Muslim 4%, Christian, Hindu, other
Capital: Bangkok
Per Capita Income: $1,834
Languages: Thai (official language); English is the second language of the elite; regional dialects
Currency: Thai Baht
(~38 baht = $1.00 US)
Our Route:  This being our second trip to Thailand (first time was in 1997), we really just chilled out this time. No hectic sightseeing for us. Nope, we spent a lot of days on lazy beaches and in mellow towns, doing not much of anything. We landed in Phuket (flying from Penang, Malaysia) and spent three nights there before catching a boat to Phi Phi Island (south of Phuket), where we spent three nights during the increasingly busy holiday season. From Phi Phi, we went to the mainland, staying in the town of Krabi one night before spending an entire week on the idyllic Pranang Cape area, at Railay West Beach. Then, we met up with our friends Mark and Diana on Phi Phi (once again), where we spent Christmas and the next few days. Then, the four of us were off to Railay, where we spent another three nights on our favorite beach. From Railay, we moved south to the Trang area, where we enjoyed a few nights on the idyllic island of Koh Ngai. We then caught an overnight train north to Bangkok, where we stayed in our own apartment for a week. We zipped down the coast to Pattaya to visit Jen's Uncle for two nights, then returned to Bangkok before flying out to Siem Reap, Cambodia.


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